Roni Gross
Sweet SeventeenSweet SeventeenFor Thirty of TwelveHer Life as I Knew ItHer Life As I Knew ItPostscriptA Very Valentine - mailerA Very ValentineA Very Valentine - interiorA Very Valentine - other panel of the spreadLover's KnotIf Luvin You Is WrongAlchemyAlchemy - spreadSpirits of the WoodSpirits of the WoodSpirits of the WoodLightningLightningComing CleanComing CleanComing CleanAbove and BelowAbove and Below - other layersMissing Person Report14 PositionsVestigial LeprechaunsVestigial LeprechaunsVestigial Leprechauns - pot of goldI See You EverywhereThey Cast No Shadows - from aboveThey Cast No ShadowsDouble PuzzleHearts and FlowersGhosts & Skeletons - reverse sideGhosts & SkeletonsVapors - coverVaporsphotographic puzzleThe Evil EyeThe Evil EyeMatchmakingRedRed - openingRed - unfoldedGhost Rolodex
Limited edition objects mailed each year for Valentines Day and Halloween, begun in 1989